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Zenith Waterfall

Looking to visit waterfall near Mumbai during the monsoon which is not too far away from the island city then Khopoli is the desired destination. The journey is a thrilling experience and the waterfall is a beauty. The memories of the 120 feet magnificent waterfall will be permanently etched on your mind.
It is a very famous waterfall in the Raigad district of Maharashtra.The waterfall is named after the Zenith company nearby it. A lot of adventure lovers visit this spot to enjoy the waterfall, rappelling and trekking around the waterfall.
Many other small waterfalls are also there nearby the main waterfall. In case if you want to separate away from the crowd then these waterfalls will warmly welcome you. Though all of them are not accessible you can still find a way few of them.

Route to Waterfall After reaching the Khopoli, exit on the western side of the station and proceed towards a bridge You have to walk through one industrial complex to reach the waterfall. The route goes through the amazing greenery, scenic surroundings and dense vegetation. You have to cross various paddy fields and water streams in order to reach Zenith waterfall in Khopoli. You have to cross the water stream twice and water level.

By Railways: 
Closest Railway station is Khopoli. Then take auto-rickshaws and tum-tums are available outside the station till the waterfall. It is at a distance of 5 km from station and Auto rickshaw costs 20 rupees per person.
By Roadways:
Kalyan to Zenith waterfall Khopoli: 2 h 2 min (72.8 km)
Cost: Rs2500/- per person with snacks

Zenith Zenith Waterfall

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