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“The Statue of Liberty”

City: New York, India

The Statue of Liberty which is one of the Eight wonders of the world is the one of the best Sculptor of USA which is Universal Symbol of Independence, Freedom, liberty and Democracy.

It was a Gift from French people to Americans which was dedicated in 29 th October 1886.

It was designed by French Sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and The Statue of Liberty's face is said to be modelled after the sculptor's mother. It was built by Gustave Eiffel.

The Statue of Liberty was one of the tallest Structure in New York in 1886. It is 305ft & 1inch tall from Ground to the Tip of the torch Flame, which is 93Meter in Height. It is located in between New York and New Jersey on Liberty island. It is Made of copper and its green colour is because of copper which is naturally oxidized to form a {“patina” Green Coating which protects it from naturally wearing away.

The liberty Lady Holds a tablet in left hand which has some roman written date which Indicates American Independence date i.e. July 4 th 1776 (July IV MDCC XXVI).

Its Torch is symbol of Enlightment. It’s also known symbol of liberty Enlightening the world.
The Statue of Liberty Crown spikes the rays represent a radiant halo, which is also called an "aureole."

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