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Folklores of Roopkund Trek

City: Roopkund

The land of Uttarakhand lies in the landfull of surprises which lies gloriously in the Trishul Massif. Roopkund is a mysterious frozen Mountain lake in Uttarakhand. The Roopkund trail has got so many picturesque elements from soothing lush meadows to the Alpine Trees and finally the beautiful snow. Roopkund Lake has a major popular destination for trekking enthusiasts. The Skeleton Lake, pinned at the heart of the trek comes with a story, which beguiles every traveller and thus, adds a mystic element to the trip.

Imagine being out on a glacial trek and finally you find a beautiful lakeside to pitch a tent, As yoyu go closer to splash your face with the pristine lake water , you find a real skeleton floating on the lake. I am not kidding, you;’’ actually find hundreds of human skeletons floating around the edges of the Roopkund Lake. The mystery behind these skeletons has been solved lately. Scientists have discovered that these skeletons belong to more than one group of people. While one group seems to have been of local herders, DNA tests confirmed the other to be of the Chitpavans of Maharashtra. The lake and the area around it will soon be developed as an eco-tourism destination owing to a regular disappearance of skeletons from the area.

A religious festival is held at the alpine meadow of Bedni Bugyal every autumn with nearby villages participating. A larger celebration, the Nanda Devi Raj Jat, takes place once every twelve years at Roopkund, during which Goddess Nanda is worshipped. Roopkund lake is covered with ice for most of the year. You'll get to see some amazing waterfalls around the area; but you can’t stay here due to the hostile weather conditions.

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