Eiffel Tower Eiffel tower sunset

Sunset from top of Eiffel Tower in Paris

City: Paris, France

Paris, referred to as the City of Light because the importance in the Age of Enlightment, not because of any other kind of light. Eiffel Tower is one of the most Romantic Spot in Paris and is pretty huge that can be spotted from all over Paris. You can enjoy a fantastic sunset there.

Summer Nights are probably the best time to enjoy those beautiful scenes from the top. The warm temperatures of July and August in Paris and the fact that you are surrounded by a lot of people makes it a unique experience for every tourist. After a full day of walking the dusty streets of Paris, you will actually want to relax and you will actually desire to kiss when the lights start to sparkle on the Eiffel Tower every single night.

Champs de Mars
Now the perfect place to enjoy a picnic is Champs de Mars from where you can enjoy a spectacular view of Eiffel Tower. Also Red wine is recommended while you sit on the grass and wait for the sunset while the fantastic colours of the sky will blow you away.

Montparnasse Tower
You must never miss a sunset from this building and you can get a fantastic view over Paris, while you can have a tasteful cocktail in the bar.

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